Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey momma!

This week we had 2 more baptisms! We met the Castillo family at the beginning of the month, and they accepted the Gospel right away. They had just moved into our area right in front of a members house, and the wife, Blanca, told them that she was looking for a church to attend, since she had never really gone to a church regularly before. THAT day, Hna Esobar and I changed the plans that we had made the night before to visit that part of our area. We had absolutely no idea that a new family had moved in, and as we were walking by, Hna PatiƱo, the wife of the family of members, flagged us down and introduced us. We were flabbergasted and extremely humbled to see the hand of the Lord guiding this family to the true church. Now they are married and baptised! They were so incredibly happy in the church on Sunday, too. I am so grateful to see that this really is the Lord's work, and he is preparing people for us to find. 

This week about half of the missionaries (including me) got sick from the sudden change in weather. The beginning of the week was rainny and cold, and then the rest of the week was just plain cold. Did I mention that it rained most of the morning of the baptism on Saturday? But despite the decline in health, we trecked along, happy as always, doing our best to find more of the chosen and prepared! 

I know I've been sending a streak of short emails, and I'm sorry! I think I'm just taking to much time to read everything. I love hearing from you guys! I'm glad everyone had such a fun time at camp, and your project in the bathroom is just about done. I love you guys, and make sure to enjoy the sunshine!

I most definitely will repent next week and send LOTS of pictures and a super long email (probably from a new area, since we have transfers this week!)

Lots of love from your distant missionary daughter,
Hermana Jeppesen

P.S. Please tell Dad that I FINALLY had a dream in Spanish about two nights ago for the first time. CRAZY!!!!

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