Monday, June 30, 2014

The Garden of Eden!

I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THE FOURTH OF JULY!!! Holy cow, I'm a terrible American. I must be turning more paraguayan than I thought! I think it's the lack of Dr. Pepper and curly fries. What's something SUPER american that I can cook for my companion? OH! I think I still have a packet of beef jerkey that Anthony sent me!!!

Speaking of american stuff, I met another American this week! His name is Pio Gomez, and is 82 years old. He was born here in Paraguay, but somehow ended up in the USA and served in the Marines. He was in Vietnam for 3 years! He flies planes, speaks 5 different languages, and has lots of pictures of the garden at his house in Texas. His wife died of pancreatic cancer 7-8 years ago, and he says that he's living in Paraguay now to find a girlfriend. On that note, he did ask me out to dinner, and I politely declined ;) I did, however, promise to visit him in Texas after I come back home to the states. For now, we have an appointment to go back on Tuesday and teach the Plan of Salvation.

In other news, it got super cold again this week, BUT I was prepared this time and drank lots of vitamin C suppliments and bundled up like crazy! I may or may not have looked like a marshmellow, but at least I was warm! The biggest challenge was keeping up our spirits in the rain. It's really hard to find new people when nobody wants to leave their house. The biggest blessing, however, is that we found a wonderful family to teach! The mom, Carolina, is paralized on one half of her body, but we were very blessed to have the help of one of the only 3 members in our ward with a car, and she and her 9-year-old son, Manuel, were able to come to church yesterday for the first time, and are very excited to come back next week! Thank you guys so much for your prayers, and keep them coming PLEASE!! I know that your guys' faith and prayers are what guides us and helps us each day find the people who are waiting to hear this message. 

As for the Garden of Eden Pattern: When Adam and Eve were created, they were happy and comfortable in the garden. They knew their way around, everything was provided for them, and they were free from tribulation until they decided to eat the forbidden fruit and were cast out into the world. They had to learn how to find their way around again, provided for themselves, and deal with their tribulations. This sets up the pattern of life. For example, in the mission, I went to the MTC and had to learn my way around, learn how to interact with my companion, be away from you guys, etc, and it was HARD, but after a few weeks I got it down pat and was comfortable. I felt that it was my "Garden of Eden". However, I was eventually "cast out" into the mission field. I had to learn my way around again, meet new people, learn the language, etc, until after a few months when I got comfortable again. Once more, I was "cast out" into a new area to learn and progress, and so it continues until the end of the mission when (I hope) I will be comfortable with all of the missionary responsabilities and way of life, and will be "cast out" of the mission. This proccess continues all of our lives. "Cast out" into parenthood, into a new job, into studying at new school, and so on. The key is trusting in Heavenly Father and learning to progress with each stage. If we stayed in one spot were we are comfortable and knew everything, this progression would be impossible. Heavenly Father provides this pattern to help us grow and become more like him, and as we endure to the end, we will be "cast out" of this life to continue in the next. 

I love you guys! I still want to see pictures of how the bathroom is coming along! I think I'm going to print off some of the pictures I've been taking and send them in a letter. Pray that it actually gets to the house! 

Siempre orando y pensando en ustedes,
Hermana Jeppesen

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