Monday, June 9, 2014


First things first....




Holy cow, I am so sad to leave Ypacaraí! That area really became home to me in my 3 transfers there, and I feel like I'm being kicked out of my Garden of Eden all over again. (I shared with you guys the Garden of Eden Pattern, right? If not, let me know, and I'll right all about it next week) It's such a beautiful little town, and I am really going to miss all of the people that I grew to love, but I know that the Lord has other things in store for me.

Which brings us to... Villa Anita! I'm back in the city, baby! It's actually really close to my first area in the city Ñemby, and it is probably the complete opposite of tranquilo-pa Ypacaraí. Lots of trafic. Lots of people. Lots of businesses. Lots of noise. The super awesome part is that it's not as GIGANTIC as my last area and we don't have to hop on a bus to contact on the other end. 

My new companion is Hna Aguilar from Guatemala. I have officially transitioned to SPANISH SPEAKING ONLY mode, because in our entire district, only one elder and I speak English. I'm very grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to put my language skills to the test! I even gave a talk in the ward yesterday, and I think it went pretty well! Anyways, I got distracted.... Hna Aguilar is 22 years old, and although she just barely finished her training, is SUPER dedicated to the work and an incredible teacher. Dang, this girl KNOWS her Bible! She is way more serious-natured than other companions that I've had, but once she opens up and is in a good mood, she has a really great dry sense of humor. I know I'm going to learn a lot from her about organization and punctuality, which I need a refresher on after 4 1/2 months in the super relaxed country, and a lot about strict obedience in the small things like starting our studies EXACTLY at 8am, leaving the house right on time, etc. I'm really excited to learn and grow in this new phase of my mission. I know there is somebody here in Villa Anita waiting for me!!!

In other news, we must have missed the rain storm in Ypacaraí, because it didn't rain that hard out there and I didn't here anything about flooding. Thanks for the update on that! I'll make sure to pray for the people in Asunción who got evacuated. The weather here can be SUPER crazy. Saturday and Sunday were freezing cold, Monday and Tuesday we sweated like pigs, and now it's cooling off again. Honestly, I do not and never will understand this climate.

Btw, did I tell you guys that I ate rabbit the other day? I can't remember if I told you or not... it was super yummy! Oh, and Noelle is going to be super happy because... I FINALLY ATE ARMADILLO. It is single-handedly the most disgusting meat I have ever eaten, worse than the liver and the blood-sausage. Honestly, it tasted like rotten dirt. Did you know that armadillos have hair? Because I didn't until I was picking the thick, black fibers out of my lunch yesterday. NEVER, EVER accept a meal of armadillo from anybody. (and no, Noelle, I did not get rabies.... yet. Was it rabies that people can get from armadillos, or another disease?)

Anywho, I love the pictures that you sent me of the crafts you guys are doing. That schedule you guys have for the week is pretty genius! And Mom, that's why Sunday is a day of rest, right? It just means that you're having an awesome, productive week! OH! and PLEASE send me pictures of the bathroom, I am super curious to see what it looks like!

Also, Hayden would be an awesome blood-sucking vampire. Get on that, dude. You have my FULL suport. Plus, the ladies LOVE a guy in scrubs ;)

I love you guys and think about you lots. I hope this longer email makes up for all the other crappy ones. If I had time, I would send everybody individual letters, but unfortunately that is NOT going to happen while I'm here. Please be safe, and send me lots of pictures of the summer fun-time awesomeness going on!

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Jeppesen

P.S. Still can't send photos for some reason. I'm sorry!!

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