Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last Missionary Email!!!!!!!!

MMOOOOOOOMM!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!  but don't worry, I'm staying focused for my last 2 DAYS of proselyting.

.... I kind of feel like it would be pointless to tell you guys about my week, because I'll just tell you about it in person in a couple of days. BUT, I guess I'll give you the run down.

My last week went by so fast! We went into Asunción for Consejo de Liderazgo.... which I think I already told you about.... Then Tuesday had a good full day of work in our area. On Wednesday we went and did a division with Piribebuy, and I got to hang out with the amazing Hna Bronson all day. She is a new missionary just finishing her training, and is super nervous to have her first change of companions! That day I got to teach all about the importance of our authority as missionaries and preaching BAPTISM and REPENTANCE. For some reason, that day it just finally clicked in my brain my purpose here and what I have to do to really, truly push forward the work. WELL GEEZ LOUIS, why did I have to figure that out my LAST WEEK IN THE MISSION!!!!! Everyone always told me not to worry about not knowing what to do, and that I would only figure it out when I was ready to go home, and you know what? THEY WERE RIGHT! I wish I had figured this out way before hand!! Well, at least I got the chance to teach it to Hna Bronson.

On Thursday, Hna Jorgensen came and got me from Piribebuy, we headed back to Ca'acupé for Capacitación de Zona, worked a little bit, then went straight out to Ypacaraí to help the sisters out there. Hna Pinto has back issues and is stuck at home for a while, so I went with Hna Gleed so they could do a baptismal interview. It was such a special moment to watch their convert be with his family, talk about his goal to be sealed to them in the temple in a year, and hear him say the prayer to end everything. I almost cried at that point, it was so sweet.

On Friday we headed out to Coronel Oviedo to do splits with Hna Escobar and Hna Ball. Once again, we got an amazing  chance to teach the sisters about our power and authority as missionaries, and our responsibility to invite everyone to be baptised. OF COURSE, when I went out with Hna Ball, we had one of the hardest proselyting days that I've had in a long time. Everyone was catholic and wanted to bible-bash!! EVERYONE!! Needless to say, we earned our sleep that night. 

Basically, it was a super busy last week in the mission, and it flew by so fast. I'm so excited to get to come home and sleep for a solid 3 days! I truly loved getting to be a missionary in the service of the Lord, and I'm going to take full advantage of these next two days.

I can't wait to see you guys on Thursday!!!!!

Hermana Jeppesen

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's the Final Countdown!!

BARROW'S PIZZA!!!!! ........ok, I am SO down for that plan! As for being released, it would be really great to have the whole family there, but I kind of just want you and Dad to pick me up from the airport, nobody else. Is that ok? I can get the big welcome from everybody else at the house. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS! And everybody is invited to my homecoming, including Br. Jorgensen, who I would LOVE to meet.

Everything down here is fine. Not too much going on. We hardly worked in our area because of divisions on Tuesday and Wednesday, my final interview with President Agazzani on Friday, and then going into Asuncion AGAIN last night to be there for leadership council this morning. Other than that, there really isn't too much to report! It's really hot and humid and we are sweating like crazy. When we aren't wet from the sweat, we're wet from the crazy thunderstorms that spring up out of nowhere. I've just kind of gotten used to being constantly damp.

One fun thing that did happen is that Hna Keller gave us the most precious and prized gift that you can give to an american missionary: a bottle of maple syrup! We were so excited that we took it with us on divisions so that we could make the latina sisters some french toast. They absolutely loved it! It's the small things like that that really make my week :)

Sorry if this email is super short and not as detailed as usual, but I'll be able to tell you guys everything in person really soon, so don't worry!

I love you guys and I can't wait to eat pizza........ I mean.... SEE YOU next week!!!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Jeppesen