Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Missed it Monday, but got it on Tuesday!

So yesterday was a bit crazy, and I wrote a whole email for you guys, but by the time I tried to send it, the internet in the cyber we were using competely failed us and we couldn't send anything. BUT our leaders love us! and they gave us permission to use the internet today after our district meeting to write our families again. Thanks for the prayers, because it seems like Heavenly Father is listening and let us try again!  Here's the letter that I wrote yesterday:

Hey Momma!

Sounds like you guys had an awesome week! Was How to Train Your Dragon super epic like the previews seemed? Also, you are officially obligated to take me to Georges when I get back....

Yes, there is more available in the city, but only when we actually have time to go look (P-days!). I still can't find maple syrup though *sob*. Also, I was planning on asking you how your new calling is going! That's awesome that you could find 2 more souls to save, and I'm sure you'll find lots more who are waiting. Plus, are you guys working with the missionaries to teach family history to recent converts? Because that would be totally awesome and a great help to them (cough hint cough chough) ;D

Oh my crud I still can't send photos!! Sorry, small moment of frustration. I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT!!!!

Anywho, this week we had a pretty awesome zone conference where we learned all about avoiding paradigms, working more with the members, how to ask people for food, not to flirt with elders, etc. It was pretty legit. We are now taking the ward directory with us when we make contacts to search out ALL of the members in the ward that we don't know. So far, we found out that one person moved away and nobody has ever heard of the other people. But, hey! diligence is a Christlike attribute that we are trying to develop, so the search continues!

The weather, as always, can't make up its mind. One day is warm and we're sweating, and the very next day is cold and we have to bundle up. Yes, we are staying warm, so don't worry about that. We just have to start walking for a bit and we're fine. As for the people, the city seems to be a little bit trickier. People are working a lot more and aren't always home, or they're busy doing something else and don't have time. The good thing is that they don't run and hide in their houses like out in the country! Also, we don't have to go as far to get to all of our appointments. I will admit that I miss the green landscape a lot, but at least here I know that the water is clean and didn't come out of a dirty well.

So I'm starting to think that I might never again be able to email you guys photos. By the time I finally find a computer that will accept my camera, I might spend the entire hour sending pics and not write anything. I hope you guys are ok with that when the day finally comes!

The Book of Mormon challenge that you're doing seems really great! Probably the best advice I've recieved when it comes to reading the scriptures is read for AT LEAST half an hour or more, enough time to get sucked in, to understand, and to not feel rushed, and you'll really start to build up a love for the scriptures. Now I'm at the point where 1 hour of personal study isn't enough and I want to keep reading!

I love you guys, and I hope that everything continues to go well. Enjoy the summer, especially going swimming and the hiking trips, just for me! And thank you for thinking of me in church, Momma. I love being able to share with the people here everyday the things that you and Dad taught me all my life and the examples that you've been for me. I really hope that I'm doing you guys proud out here!

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Jeppesen

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