Monday, June 23, 2014

Still no pics and a rough area!

I'm starting to wonder if my camera got a virus, and because of that I can't open any of the folders when I plug into the computer... That sucks.... Is there anything I can do for that, or is all hope lost?

This week was super crazy with the weather... again. And I got sick... again. BUT! after a few vitamin C suppliments and eucaliptus tea for the last few nights, plus A LOT of decongestant, I'm feeling a lot better! Plus, yesterday one of the members had me swallow a spoonful of honey with lemon and oil from this south american animal that looks a lot like a beaver but without the big tail (I forget what the animal is called...). It's supposed to be good for coughs, but honestly, it didn't seem to do very much. It's starting to get a little rediculous all of the things that I'm consuming here in Paraguay.

To be completely honest with you guys, my comp and I are in a rough spot. We don't have a single investigator who is progressing towards baptism right now. We are super diligent in contacting and teaching new people, but after the first lesson nobody seems to want to let us in again. They either hide in their houses and pretend they aren't home or they have incredibly long lists of excuses for why they just don't have time to meet with us. So this morning, Hna Aguilar and I made goals on how we are going to ask EVERYONE for references of who we can visit, and that way have a better chance of finding people who are interested and willing to progress and keep their committments. Also, we really want to do more to serve the members of the ward, but the people here aren't really that receptive to letting us in their homes and do service with them. Tomorrow we are going to go visit the bishop in his home and ask him for ideas of who and how we can serve. It would be incredibly helpful too if you guys could pray for us to help us find more people and that we can have progressing investigators, and especially that they can come to church on Sunday. Thank you for the prayers that you have already been sending our way, and know that Heavenly Father is listening and constantly helping us.

So how are the missionaries in Elmwood Ward? Do you guys still have Elders there, or Sisters? Do you guys get to help them out much? Please tell everyone in the ward that I say HI! Also, how are Grandma and Grandpa Jeppesen? Please tell them that I say hi too and that I love them very very much.

OH HEY! Were you going to send me a package anytime soon, because... well... I need more socks again. They're just so tiny and they keep getting lost or worn out!!! Also, maple syrup... or maple extract to make syrup... Holy cow, I've had this craving for MONTHS now. 

Ok. I love you guys. I miss you all a lot but I'm trying my best to do you all proud and be the best missionary that I can be for my Heavenly Father. Thank you all for your love and support!

Con amor,
Hermana Jeppesen

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