Monday, July 28, 2014


Holy crud, summer is ALREADY OVER?!?! But it just started for you guys!!! Holy cow, Momma, time is FLYING. 

IN 3 WEEKS I WILL HAVE BEEN AWAY FROM HOME FOR A FREAKING YEAR. Can you believe that? Sometimes I think about it and it just blows my mind. I ONLY HAVE 6 1/2 MONTHS LEFT!!!!!!!!

OK,  WE FINALLY HAD A BAPTISM!! I told you guys about Carolina, right? Well if not, she is such a sweet lady! She is 39 years old and is a single mom of four kids, the oldest being her daughter Analia who is 20 years old and the youngest being Emmanuel, who is 9. She is actually a bit learning challenged and speaks a LOT of Guarani, so teaching her was a very interesting process. We used a lot of examples and hand signs to remember things like the word "prophet" and "priesthood power". About two years ago she had a stroke leaving the right side of her body paralysed, but the members helped out a lot in bringing her to church and her baptism on Saturday. Also, it made her a bit nervous about how the baptism would go if she couldn't support herself on her leg very well, but Gabriel, the ward mission leader, did a really good job at keeping her calm and helping her under the water. She only had to go down once, but she swallowed a bit of water so came up coughing and spitting. Once she calmed down, she looked at me with these big ol' eyes and half a smile and said, "Can I get out, now?" Everybody got a good laugh out of that.

The best part of all was the confirmation the following day. We usually have to poke and prod the members to reach out and sit with somebody new that we bring, but this time, without even being asked, the members all reached out to her in such a loving way. One sister especially, Hermana Bonifacia, helped her walk from one class to the other, and then helped her walk up to the front for her blessing. After everything was said and done, Carolina looked just so incredibly peaceful and happy. At that moment, I felt a confirmation that I am so blessed to be a part of this, and I really am fulfilling my purpose here to bring souls unto Christ. It was a very humbling and satisfying feeling. On top of that, I think it was really great for my greenie to be able to take part in a baptism so early on, too!

Speaking of greenie, Hna Palombo is doing super great. You can tell that she is still trying adjust to the language and the culture, but she's figuring out a little more every day. Now I just got a get her a little less dependent on me translating for her!

So this was my week. I remembered that I have an extra memory card, so I'm using my other camera again. Please enjoy the pictures of Carolina!!

I love you guys. Enjoy school, and stay safe!!

Su contenta misionera,
Hermana Jeppesen

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Trainer!! Plus pictures!!!!

I'm so glad to hear that you guys are healing up so well!! Celeste is definitely looking a LOT better. And, HOLY COW, the truck got smashed! Once again, I am SO HAPPY that you guys are ok! Also, I know that Heavenly Father is taking care of me over here and keeping me way too busy to think about you guys, BECAUSE....


It took me COMPLETELY by surprise, but I finally have a mission baby! Can you believe it?!?! I still can't.... So about my new daughter:

Name: Hermana Palombo


Hair color: Super blonde (sticks out like a sore thumb)

Skin color: Super white (a sore thumb with a bug bite on top)

Eye color: Super blue (the sore thumb had an alergic reaction to the bug bite)

Home town: Spanish Fork, Utah (surprise, surprise)

Language skills: ...yeah, we're working on that. I am fondly reminded of my training days when I didn't understand what the 
crap was going on. Right now we are working on memorizing the first vision in Spanish.

Personality: Hilarious. We're best friends. She is also super excited for the work! I'm kind of amazed at the strong desire she has to just share her testimony of the Gospel with others. 

Current state: Tired. Once again, I am fondly reminded of my training experience. During a lesson yesterday, I built everything up to allow my comp to share her testimony about prayer like we had been practicing, but when I looked over to pass the time to her, her eyes were closed and she was asleep on the couch!!! Luckily I stole the attention back and the investigators didn't notice, but I did have to fight myself not to laugh out loud.  But that's why we have P-day, right?

As for me, I'm pretty ready for P-day, too! I'm literally doing almost all of the talking in the lessons and with the members and when we contact and explaining everything that's happening and... well, needless to say, I've had a sore throat and I'm starting to lose my voice a little bit. It's a little stressful sometimes to think that everything is in my hands right now and I have to be Super Missionary until I can get Hna Palombo to the point were she can understand more of what's going on, but I know that Heavenly Father has called me to train for a reason. Whether that reason is to keep me from worrying about my family, building my confidence in my abilities, or just getting the chance to serve and teach another missionary, who knows? But I am really excited to learn from this experience and to grow alongside my little greenie. These next 2 transfers are gonna rock!

I love you guys, and I am still praying for you everyday! Please keep Hna Palombo and me in your prayers, too. Also, I decided to just start using the camera that Anthony sent me for now, so..... PICTURES!! Or at least a few of the amazing Hna Lino who I miss a ton, all of the new trainers on the way to the office to get our newbs, and my super gorgeous comp!

With so much love,
Hermana Jeppesen

Monday, July 14, 2014

A week of graditude!

My daughter Celeste and I were in a pretty bad car accident and we wrote to Hermana Julia about this.  I have a firm testimony in the blessings of missionaries and their work and the blessings that it brings to the family.  I also have a strong testimony in the power of the Priesthood and the wonderful blessings that can be given to me and my family during times of trouble.

Mom, I hope you know that I love you so much. I will be completely honest, this email kind of scared the crap out of me, just a little bit. But you know what? At the same time, I've never felt so blessed. Every single night, with out fail, I pray that Heavenly Father will protect you guys and keep you safe. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to be so far away from you guys and not know what's going on or if you guys are doing alright or not. But, Mom, I am so so glad to know that you guys are ok. Heavenly Father protected you both, and neither of you were hurt more than what you were, miraculously preventing broken bones or brain damage. He put 2 people close by to help you both until the ambulance came. He provided worthy priesthood holders to come and give you both blessings to help you deal with the aftermath. And if it's any consolation to you, he provided me a companion to give me a hug when I'm sobbing in front of the computer. 

I am so incredibly grateful to my Heavenly Father. I know that you guys are in his hands. I know that he is helping everyone cope, as well. On that note, how is the rest of the family? As freaked out as I am? Please let them know that I love them, too! And give everybody big hugs from me. 

Also, I could care less about the truck.

My week seems really uneventful, now! We did divisions with the sister trainer leaders on Thursday. I got to work with Hna Cevallos from Ecuador. She's kind of super hilarious, and we had a great time. As for me and my comp, this week was a little rough. I tend to talk a lot, and she tends to want me to NOT talk a lot... We are working on a balance. This morning we studied Ch. 6 of PMG, the sections on patience and humility. I'm learning to shut my mouth a little bit more and remember that my companion doesn't hate me, she just wants her space. 

I gave a talk in church yesterday on the importance of the help of the members in missionary work, and read a lot of what I shared with you guys in my last email. I think it went well, but I think some members got offended.... we'll see how that goes. 

Transfers are this week. It is most likely that both Hna Aguilar and I are going to stay in this area for another round.

Not a lot of details, I know, but this is the basic overview of what's going on over here. I love you all so much, and I'm praying for you guys even more now. Please stay safe. Please wear your seatbelts. I want my family in one piece when I get home, thank you very much! And I promise not to worry about you guys too much. 

Your very grateful daughter,
Hermana Jeppesen

Monday, July 7, 2014

Got our package!!!

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE AND I ALMOST CRIED!! Thank you guys soooo much! I'm not sure which I am more happy about: The freakingly amazing Betty Crocker cake mix with HERSHEY SPECIAL DARK CHOCOLATE FROSTING (oh my goodness, you guys know me so well) or the FUN-FREAKING-FETTI!!!!! pancakes with... OH MY GOODNESS!! MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!!!!!!! (Just so you guys have an idea of how excited I was) Needless to say, I celebrated my wonderful countries Independence Day with a lovely American breakfast. USA!! 

So I tried using the SD card reader that you sent me, and it still doesn't work. Sad face. I'm going to see if I can print some up and send them to you in a letter, because I don't know any missionaries going home this transfer to send back my SD card. Wish me luck!


Anywho, on a more spiritual note, I was reading Eld Ballard's talk from this general conference this morning and was reminded of just how incredible it was. My challenge to you guys is to read this talk together for family home evening tonight, and focus on the second half about his missionary challenge. He extends an invitation to all the members to study out of Preach My Gospel and share what they are learning with the missionaries. Together, they can learn more, share ideas, and increase the unity between the members and the missionaries. I LOVED THIS when I read it this morning. Can I start by sharing a section that could be really helpful in your calling as Family History Specialists? In Ch. 9, there is a section for the missionaries to find more investigators and strengthen recent converts through family history work. The story that it includes is really fantastic, too. It would be so awesome if you guys could meet with the missionaries and ask if there is something that you could do to help them out with that! Teach the recent converts to start their family tree, or even invite non-members to start researching. You guys are an incredible tool to the ward and to the missionary work. Over here, we don't have any specialists like that, so we don't really get to take advantage of this blessing of turning the hearts of the children to their fathers. This is just an idea that I had. What do you guys think?

My comp and I are pressing forward. We recieved an AWESOME reference from some members visiting from Argentina yesterday who brought their cousin to sacrament meeting. We are super excited to go visit her and her husband tomorrow and teach the first lesson.

As for health, we're doing alright, but I think my comp has an inner ear infection because it's been hurting her all week. Tonight we are calling the mission president's wife to get a doctors appointment. We are still taking lots of vitamin C and trying to eat lots of fruits and veggies, although it's a little rough when we eat nothing but meat and grease with the members. 

I love you guys a lot, and I'm so glad you guys had such a blast for the 4th! Keep praying for my comp and me, please. You guys are always in my prayers. 

Lots and lots of love,
Hermana Jeppesen