Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting colder!

FRUSTRATION!!! I want to send you guys pictures of the temple and the baptism, but this computer is being a bugger and won't let me download the pictures from my camera!!!

Ok, counting my blessings...... at least I can still email you guys! (She said with a determinedly positive attitude)

We went to the temple on Tuesday, and it was just the most wonderful experience and definitely the spiritual boost I needed. You can surely bet that I cried A LOT. The coolest part for me is that I understood all of the Spanish!! Now I just have to wait another 9 months to go through and do it again ;)

Evelyn got baptised on Saturday!! She kept messing with us and telling us that she had changed her mind. I knew it was just a joke, but I started panicking a little bit when she was half an hour late to the baptism.  (By the way, a very normal occurrence at all of the baptisms here. Mormon standard time + Paraguayan standard time = disaster) It had rained the entire day the day before, so the temperature dropped way super low. The poor girl got dunked in freezing water in our little baptismal font outside! Nevertheless, I am super proud of this spunky little single mom, and I am so excited to see her progress in the Gospel.

Winter has finally come, so Hna Escobar and I went and bought a bunch of warm clothing this morning to get us through the super cold nights. Contacting should be really interesting, since we have to clap at the gates of the houses. It's now a process of taking off our gloves every 5 minutes or smacking our numb hands together with the hope that it will make some sort of noise. Keep us in your prayers, please!

Mom, I absolutely LOVE this scripture!! Also, did you see the First Presidency Message for this month? It's about following the Spirit in doing family history, and I think you'll like it a lot. How is your calling going, btw? Finding lots of people to baptise, yet?

Sorry this isn't too much for this week, but trying to figure out how to post my pictures sucked up all of my time. I love you guys! Please be careful when you go repelling, and have a ton of fun! Totally not jealous.....

Con muchísimo cariño,
Hermana Jeppesen

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