Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfer Day

I will TOTALLY email Grandma Vicky.(Her great grandma is sick) I'm warning you that it will make this email much shorter so I have time.

Mom, you totally jinxed it. I got sent out to a city called YpacaraĆ­, which may not be the MOST rural area in the mission, but is way more rural than my last one. But be assured that I will always have access to the internet. There are guayaba trees, which I recently found out is guava, all over the place, so we never have to worry about going too hungry when we're out proselyting all day.

Also, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! I was completely surprised by it and it made me so happy!!! The chocolate was a HUGE blessing too. Yes, it got melty, but it is safely stored in the fridge now ;)

I hope everyone feels better! The flu totally sucks. At least it was only contained to three people (for now).

I'm sorry I can't write more, I'm out of time. I love you so much and I'll send you more pictures next week!!

With love,
Hna Jeppesen

My district, amazing investigators and recent converts (the baptism pic is from the elders, they weren't actually our investigators), my new companion, GIANT KILLER WORMS THAT ARE FREAKING EVERYWHERE, the amazingly beautiful area of YpacaraĆ­, and more fun stuff.
Oh yeah, and I TOTALLY used that bathroom.

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