Monday, February 10, 2014

Such a good week

OH MY GOODNESS I TOTALLY FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE OLYMPICS!!! Make sure to cheer extra loud just for me. I'm right with you, Momma, I get totally stoked too. Dani said there are 2 Paraguayans. What sports are they in?
And yes, there are many more bugs to worry about. Please see the attached picture below. That doesn't even include the GIANT black moths. I love Paraguay.
Yay for Hayden! At least he's got something for now. I'm sure something more stable will turn up. Tell him I pray for him every night.
The work here is fantastic. We are working SO hard with a couple people who really want to get baptised. One nees to get married first, and the other just needs to come to church a few more times before she's ready. The people out here are so fantastic, though. They are incredibly humble. Honestly, with most of the people we've learned how to teach in a way that is really simple and easy to understand, otherwise it gets a little difficult. It doesn't help that my companion and I are both American and they don't always understand our accents.
We had an AMAZING experience last night, though. We've been teaching a small family, Miguel and Karen with their little baby Benjamin. Miguel comes from a very Catholic background and has also taken a lot of discussions from the Jehova's Witnesses, so he is very versed in the Bible and has a lot of questions about the more profound doctrine. He reads every thing that we assign him in the Book of Mormon and always has questions for us when we come back, which is GREAT, but he still hasn't prayed to know if it's true! I started bearing my testimony to him that if he really is searching for the truth, he has to read the Book of Mormon, attend church on Sunday, and most importantly pray to Heavenly Father. Then, as if someone completely took over my mouth, I pointed at him and saidvery boldly and firmly, "But you are looking only with your mind, and not with your heart." Holy cow, Mom. I felt chills all the way down my body. For a couple of seconds it was like a fire inside my chest. It was so bizarre. And you should of seen his face! He was completely shocked! The conversation continued, and my companion stepped in and bore her testimony of the importance of sincerely searching with the heart in almost perfect spanish without pausing once to think of the words. She seriously had the gift of tongues in that moment. We wrapped up the lesson, said a prayer, and freaked together as we walked home. 

Mom, I have never felt like that in my entire life. I got to witness firsthand as God took two of his very humble servants and spoke through us. He literally in that moment put the words in our mouths and guided our speach. There is so much truth to the promises of the scriptures that he will help us and guide us despite our weaknesses. I now KNOW that I really am a tool in the Lord's hand, pushing forth his work in this part of the vineyard. Mom, I know this is the only true church in the earth today. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Sheesh, Mom, I feel like a freaking missionary, and it's AMAZING.
I love you guys so much. I hope I'm making you proud. We tell people all the time that the reason we go by our last names is because we not only are representing Christ, but our families as well. I'm so proud to have the name Jesucristo AND Jeppesen on my name tag.
I miss you guys a ton. Enjoy the beautiful weather while I suffer here in the crazy heat of Paraguay!
Hermana Jeppesen

There were 4 more of those same spiders on that web. To give you a reference, including the legs it's a bit bigger than my fist. I almost didn't sleep that night.

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