Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy Week!

So in the email we sent, we told her about how both Mia and Ashton's glasses broke and we are replacing them today. Her letter is as follows:

Iiish, that sucks about their glasses! I guess this is a bad time to tell you that my glasses broke and I need you to send me new ones....... sorry!

I know I promised to tell you more about Hna Weeks this email, but we had such a bizarre week that I have to tell you all about it!

A guy driving around our area in his car was blasting his own CD of Hispanic gospel music to advertise, and tried to get us to sing into his microphone. We did not. Nope, not even tempted a little bit. But he gave us a free CD, and yes, we did listen to it, and yes, it is pretty terrible. My favorite is the Gloria Polka.

On Saturday morning we went to an investigators house to have a lesson with her when from a distance we saw that she had visitors. Turns out it was someone paying her to kill a couple of chickens, and my companion jumped in and started helping her pluck the feathers! We got to watch the whole process of gutting and cleaning too. What's even better is that next week my comp and I are planning on buying some chickens of our own and learning the ENTIRE process of killing, plucking, gutting, cleaning, and cooking. I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually super excited but still nervous and grossed out to actually do all that MYSELF. I. Love. Paraguay.

Church on Sunday was a mad house in our branch. We finally had two investigators with us, but as usual none of the primary teachers were there and the Young Women's teacher was missing. This is nothing unusual. So we left our investigators in Relief Society and Priesthood to go start Primary until the teacher got there (thank goodness, because I have NO IDEA how to do Primary), and then I got to give the Young Women's lesson. After that we didn't have a teacher for the youth Sunday School, so we combined it with our Gospel Principles class taught by the amazing Elder Castro from Mexico. That guy is a spiritual GIANT. Anyway, we met up with our investigators for Sacrament Meeting, and then just about collapsed afterward. It's a little rough when sometime we feel like it's us missionaries completely running the branch, but we're working with everyone little by little to really fulfill their callings and support themselves a little more.

Yesterday evening was the BEST, though! I found out that 1.) Our area is HUGE 2.) There is, in fact, a big abandoned zoo that is creepy as all get out, and 3.) You meet all sorts of people while contacting new areas. We decided on a whim to contact a really huge house because it was one of the rare ones with an actual doorbell. As the guy who lived there came out and started walking to the gate I saw that he was wearing a shirt that said Wyoming, and shouted out in Spanish, "Hey, where did you buy your shirt?" He replied, "My sister bought it for me in the US," IN PERFECT, AMERICAN ENGLISH. Holy crud, you should have seen our jaws drop! We seriously flipped and yelled, "DUDE, YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!!!" Turns out his dad has a crazy story of being a Paraguayan politician who got banished and then married an American and then they lived in Sweden where they had two kids and now they are all back and happy living in Paraguay. He let us in and we sat and got to know the whole family and ate really yummy cookies with real M&M's and talked about how crazy Paraguay is. Although they said they wouldn't come to church, we're are welcome whenever we want to come back and eat more cookies and zucchini bread and other yummy baked goods. It was pretty much the most awesome, random moment that I have ever had here.

Yup. That's my crazy week. I will make sure to write about Hna Weeks next time, unless we have a whole ton of even crazier experiences this week.

I love you guys!!!!

Hermana Jeppesen

P.S. No, I did not actually break my glasses. But I got you there for a second, right? Haha... Ha.... I love you, Mom!

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