Monday, February 24, 2014

Every member a missionary

Once a year, our family will go out to a Chinese restaurant. Yep all 10 of us.  It is always so much fun with lots of food and great conversation and joking around.  This year is the first time someone has missed it. We had a ton of fun, but can't wait for her to join us again. 

Yaaay I'll be home in time for Chinese Dinner Night!! And yeah, I'm totally fine with not going back to that buffet....

That's so great that you had the missionaries over! Did you give them tons of references? Because you really should! Honestly, that's where we get all of our success is references from the members. It's SUCH a huge help, and even more so when we actually get the members to come out to lessons with us. It helps show the investigators that we're just normal people, their neighbors and friends, and they gain so much from hearing the testimonies of people who aren't the same missionaries teaching them over and over again. This week, we had an awesome experience with a family that we've been working with for a while. Remember Miguel and Karen Amarilla? On Wednesday we got a married couple, Hermano Aponte and his wife, to come to a lesson with this family. We watched the video of the first vision (which is AWESOME and super powerful), and then had Hermana Aponte share her conversion story and her testimony in Joseph Smith. The spirit was super strong, and you know what? IT WORKED. We FINALLY got them to come to church yesterday, after WEEKS of teaching! They got to meet a bunch of the members and make a few friends, and I really think that they felt the power of the Spirit. I can't wait to meet up with them and get all of their thoughts. Moral of the story: MEMBERS MAKE SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Seriously, get to really know and love those elders, and you guys will be so blessed to see the growth of the church through your combined efforts!!

As promised, the details of my incredible companion, Hermana Weeks:
From St. George, UT
1 sister, 2 brothers
Super smart kid who took AP classes and got awesome grades and stuff
very athletic, played volleyball and crosscountry in high school
wants to be a teacher in elementary school
has the most gorgeous, curly hair you've ever seen in your LIFE
Spiritual power-house, always says 20-minute prayers that make my knees hurt
very hard worker, but very goofy, so we get a lot of work done but we have a DANG good time doing it!
Kind of hilarious, and laughs a lot at my jokes to the point where she stops in the middle of the street half bent over.
eats a lot of dulce de leche (caramel sauce, aka DELICIOUSNESS)
really loves her family and is super tight with her siblings
has a brother that's pretty much exactly like Mia, and we are making plans for their betrothal.
One of her best friends is serving in Mesa! Keep an eye out for Sister Emily Brown!
We've only had 1 kind of half-argument, so that's a super success.
LOVES guayabas like crazy
Yup. My comp is awesome, and I love her a lot. I'm pretty much sure that we are going to be buddies forever

I miss too, Momma!  Thank you for all your love and support, and don't let the one-sided conversations get too out of control! Just like I need to focus on the work when I get really trunky, you guys can focus on the work going on at home. The ward needs you over there!

With all the love in my heart,
Hermana Jeppesen

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