Monday, November 4, 2013


This past week, our younger girls and their dad hiked 22.2 miles from the Gilbert temple to the Mesa temple.  It was a great accomplishment and we told the story to Julia.  I'm glad to hear about her baptisms and the great experiences she is having.

Hey Momma!

Oh my goodness, I am SO proud those girls, and Dad too! That must have been SO HARD! I'm glad that everyone was safe and sound though. Were they able to walk the next day? The story of the stonecutter who worked on the temple is actually one that I learned in the MTC, and is now one of my favorites. How cool that they got to experience something like that and end up in front of the house of the Lord!

Sorry I didn't tell you more about the two baptisms we had! The first was in the morning for an investigator named Carolina. Honestly, she is the hardest person for me to understand language wise because she has a very raspy voice and a sarcastic sense of humor that I just can't translate. My companion has been teaching her for several months now and she has made so many changes in her life, including leaving her boyfriend in order to follow the law of chastity. She is awesome and I'm very happy she finally made the decision to be baptized!

In the afternoon was the baptism of Laura. This girl is just so darn full of the Spirit, and you can see it even more now that she has that wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost! Her brother, Cesar, did the baptizing, but since it was his first time she didn't go all the way under the water at first. He had to do it THREE times before they got it completely right, but she was crying by the end and gave her brother the biggest, sweetest hug right there in the font.

This week we baptized 8-year-old Angie. Her parents aren't members but she comes to church every single Sunday with her Aunt and her cousins. That morning we had to go to the chapel early to clean out the MASSIVE amount of bugs in the font so it would be nice and clean just for her. I know that this gospel and the guidance of the spirit will be such a blessing for her, and I pray that she'll be an example for her mother to join the church as well.

I have more stories, but I'm gonna cut this email short to see if I can actually send some picture.


-Hermana Jeppesen

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