Monday, November 25, 2013

A Jerkey Thanksgiving

This will be the first Thanksgiving Julia will be in Paraguay.  So of course I asked how she was going to celebrate.  She even sent some pictures this time! I am so very thankful to her and her wonderful example of service. 

No, Mom. Paraguayans do not celebrated Thanksgiving. It's kind of a strictly American thing. I have an unopened package of beef jerky though... I'll probably just eat that. Maybe I'll make some mashed potatoes or something to go with it!

That's so cool that Cody got to learn whatever Mayan language he had to speak! I kind of feel like that with Guarani. Once I feel a little bit more comfortable with my Spanish I really want to at least learn the basics. After all, I'm in the only place in the world where I would have this opportunity!

As for new investigators, we don't really have a bunch right now, but some of the people we've been working really hard with are finally ready to be baptized! Luzana and Monica Gomez, 12 and 9 years old, respectively, have been taking the lessons for I'm not sure how long. In our mission, an investigator has to come to church on Sunday at least 3 times in order to get baptized, and as of yesterday they finally have enough attendances to do so! I'm so excited for them! The only thing that we are worried about is having the definite permission from they're mom, Dominga. She really wants them to get baptized, but she wants to be baptized with them and she isn't married to their dad yet. I haven't even met their dad because he is constantly working. It's great that she wants to be baptized with her daughters, but we are praying that she will give permission, they will be baptized this Saturday, and they will bring the Spirit into their home as an example and motivation to their parents to get married and baptized as well.

Mom, I love you so much, and I am definitely praying for you while you take your tests and finish up the semester.

I love all you guys so much, and hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Con amor,
Hermana Jeppesen

I can send photos! (It's just SUPER slow on this computer...)
This is what happens when you forget mosquito repellent in Paraguay... Words cannot express just how itchy my ankles were.

We moved into a new apartment this week! Woohoo! Our awesome district helped us with the move. These are their "cool faces".

Manuel was baptized three weeks ago and due to unseen circumstances was just confirmed yesterday. He is super amazing!

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