Monday, October 28, 2013

No bones about it!

I WANT TO SEND YOU PICTURES, I REALLY DO! The USB port on this computer is broken. The internet gods hate me.

This week we ate fish twice. By fish, I mean WHOLE fish, bones and all. It's possible that I ate an eyeball. I'm very proud of myself for finishing it, because it was worse than the liver.

You should send me some awesome 30-minute workouts. A member told me that I'm gaining a little bit of weight. You can see it my face because my cheeks are filling out a bit. I wish I had a scale! Luckily I haven't really had any stomach problems. It's impossible to eat healthy when my diet is determined by the members. The main food groups are bread, pasta, meat, mandioca, and soda. I told my companion two days ago, "¡Voy a morir por la comida de Paraguay!"

On that note, I'm understanding so much more Spanish! Yaaay! Of course I'm still very lacking in my speaking abilities, but it's to the point where I can start focusing more on other aspects of my missionary work.

How fun that you got to go to the Días de los Muertos activity at the MAC! Halloween here really isn't that big of a thing. Not many people really celebrate it, from what I understand. The most I've seen as far as holidays are different days for the saints, since so many people here are Catholic. Even then all I've seen are just decorations and balloons set out. Not much else.

There are fireflies here! I have a really cool story to go along with it, but I'm probably going to send it in a letter.

I have no idea how much we walk in a day, honestly. Lots? I'll try to pay attention and let you know in my next email!

I love you so much, Mom! Thank you for being so wonderful, and I really wish I had more time to write and tell you all the stories that I have! I am definitely going to figure out the picture situation.

Hna Jeppesen

P.S. We had TWO baptisms this week!!

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