Monday, October 14, 2013

Horse Meat and Baptisms!

This week has been so much better. I am becoming a bit more comfortable with the culture and the food (did I tell you I got to eat horse meat the other day? Two days later we had liver as well. Hurray for comida paraguaya.....). My Spanish has been improving every day as well! There is a lot of truth to the scripture, "line upon line, precept upon precept."

WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND! This has been the first baptism in our area for 10 months! Alex Sanchez is 11 years old, and his mother is an inactive member. He has been super enthusiastic as we've been teaching him, and when he found out that he can recieve the priesthood after his next birthday he got so excited! During the baptismal interview, our district leader Elder Dahl asked why he wanted to be baptized and become a member. His answer was that he wants to be a missionary when he's older, just like us! Honestly, I just love this kid with all my heart! I pray that he will strive to be a good example to his family, especially his mother.

Hermana Gonzalez and I have been working hard this week and have had many blessings because of it. We are teaching 2 whole families now, and yesterday four of our investigators that we've really been working on FINALLY came to church and really enjoyed it! One of these investigators, Laura, brought her boyfriend and her sister along with her. I have dubbed Laura as my first real investigatore since she is the first person that I was present when we contacted here, gave the first lesson, and has a baptismal date in two weeks. This morning she called us with the news that her boyfriend wants to start taking the lessons and be baptized also. HOLY COW! I can't even begin to count our blessing this week.

I am absolutely exhausted at the end of each day, but I'm happy to know that it's because we've been working hard to share the Gospel. Some days are harder than others, but it's becoming easier and easier to keep walking, teaching, and growing. I love you guys so much, and please keep praying for me! It has been a huge help!

Hermana Jeppesen

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  1. So nice to hear how you are doing hermana Julia! We are sure proud of you. Horse meat! Wow! You are sure getting experience :-)! We keep you in our prayers! Love the Randalls