Monday, October 7, 2013

Am I eating well? Ha! Believe me, Mom, I am eating JUST fine. From what I hear, most missionaries gain at LEAST 10 pounds in the first few months, if not more. I'm trying to really use my workout time well in the mornings.

My trainer is wonderful. Hermana Gonzalez is incredibly patient, encouraging, and isn't afraid to push or correct me. Sometimes the correcting part is a little frustrating, but that's just because I can be stubborn and impatient.

As for the language, my compaƱera says I'm getting a little better every day, but to be completely honest, I don't always feel like it is. The hardest part is just understanding what people are saying. The dialect here is VERY mumbly and fast and Guarani is mixed into a lot of it. I am forced to speak in very slow, simple sentences and am constantly asking people to repeat what they have said. Conference, however, was a great comfort to me this weekend. It especially helped to be reminded that through small and simple things, great things shall come to pass. Right now that's literally all I can speak, is small and simple things. I know, however, that there is a great spirit and love behind those simple sentences, or I at least have faith that they do. It's really rough right now, but this week my goal with my companion is to talk and ask inspired question with the faith that if I open my mouth, Heavenly Father will help me understand and give me the words I need to say.

Speaking of General Conference, holy cow! It really is the Super Bowl for missionaries! I cannot tell you how much the Spirit has been poured out on me and how much revelation I received. Eld. Holland's talk definitely touched my heart as well. Honestly, it was like an arrow to my heart. Also, PLEASE go back and listen to Eld. Ballard's talk on missionary work! You have no idea just how much it helps when we have the support of the members!!!! Get to know the missionaries in the ward, have them over for dinner, give them references, pray for them! Just like you are praying for me every day, their parents are doing the same. Also, please take up the challenge to reach out to someone before Christmas! We also are taking up his challenge to talk to everyone that we can............Ok. My rant is done. I just REALLY like that talk

I love you I love you I love you. Thank you for the prayers. They are a huge support to myself and my companion. Also, thank you for keeping me updated on everything at home. I love hearing what you guys are doing, and it gives me motivation and strength for the week ahead. Gracias!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Jeppesen

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