Monday, January 5, 2015

Five more weeks!

Yay for school starting again! I'm sure everyone is super excited, right?? And can we please go hiking/camping/adventuring when I get home? That would make me super happy. I'm starting a "trunky list" of things that I want to do when I get home..... which may or may not be a good idea. 

And, Mom, you are going to do such a great job teaching the Relief Society this Sunday! If you can teach a crazy class of little kids, you can teach a bunch of cute ladies, no big. As for putting the Lord first, I don't think it really was much of a difficult decision. It just kind of made sense to leave everything behind for a year and a half to go serve the Lord. Obviously I miss you guys a ton, and I have no idea what's going to happen when I get back as far as a job, my studies, etc., but I have honestly never felt so happy as I feel here on the mission. Also, I have seen the blessing that come as people put the Lord first and keep God's commandments, as well as what happens when they DON'T keep the commandments. There is a sense of peace and joy when we know that what we are doing is in line with what God wants of us. WE ARE ALWAYS IN HIS DEBT.

Sorry if I'm kind of rambly, there is a sea of missionaries in the cyber with me and it's kind of difficult to concentrate....

This week was a blastity-blast. 

Monday: TRANSFERS. Hna Jorgensen just straight up rocks. I have no words to describe her. Just..... no words. Also, I told Eld Lyon that his mom commented on my letters that you post online. We got a pretty good laugh out of the thought that our moms are friends. :) I guess more people than I thought are reading these letters. On that note: HI HNA JORGENSEN'S DAD!!!

Tuesday: The Kellers (the missionary couple here with us) picked us up to go have dinner with the German branch president and his family, and we may have gotten side tracked and did some off-roading to try and find a short-cut. Hna JorgensenLOVES our German friends.

Wednesday: We walked FOR EVER to get the house of the RUSSIAN couple that lives in our branch. They speak little to no Spanish, and absolutely nothing in English. Communicating is way fun with them. Their house is way way way in the back of our area, and it's kind of what I imagine the Garden of Eden would look like. They grow grapes, mango, papaya, avacado, grapefruit, banana, and who knows what else, and dehydrate most of it to use throughout the year. They are the most self-sufficient people I have ever met. I think Dad would absolutely LOVE to get a look around!! Also, that night we had to go home an hour early to avoid all the crazy drunk drivers. Happy New Year! DON'T WORRY, MOM, I'M SAFE!!

Thursday: My comp and I literally had to STUFF ourselves into a bus full of people to get to Asunción. I sincerely wish I could get a picture of what the buses are like here, but I would get robbed in a heartbeat. Think can of sardines.... and then add more sardines. We spent the night with Hna Boley and Hna Cheney because bright and early in the morning we had.....

Friday: LEADERSHIP COUNCIL! The mission is more or less changing its focus from BAPTISE BAPTISE BAPTISE to baptise, retain, and reactivate by getting away from the door to door contacting that we do everyday and depending more on references from the members, whether they be less active, active, etc. Honestly, it's the way things really should be, and it's so obvious, but it's something that we tend to forget sometimes. Tomorrow we get to teach all of what we learned to the rest of the mission in our Zone Conference. Wish me luck!!

Saturday: We went to the elders' baptism, and then worked like crazy.

Sunday: While trying to get Irene and Luna to church, we waited for 2 hours for somebody to get home to watch the house and then ran (or at least walked REALLY FAST) to get to sacrament meeting in time. When we got there... SURPRISE! Pres. Agazzani and his wife were there visiting the branch! Presidente just kind of does what he wants, I guess.... The nice part is that we got to introduce him to these two girls (who, btw, are getting baptised this Saturday!!!!)

Today: We stood in line for an hour and a half to pay our rent at the back. We rewarded ourselves with Burger King afterward.

This was my super crazy week. I only have 5 more until I get to see you guys again..... not that I'm trunky or anything.... 

I love you all so much. Please keep me in your prayers,

Hna Jeppesen

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