Monday, April 28, 2014

Senior Companion

¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, HAYDEN!! Yaaaay! It looks like you guys had a blast, and holy cow, that cookie cake looks RIDICULOUS. Celeste sent me a picture, and it's HUGE. Also, will you guys just stop for a second and look at how much bigger Ashton has gotten since I left? Jeez Luis, I almost didn't recognize him! I am not ok with this whole growing up without me thing that you guys have going on...

¡¡CAMBIOS!! (aka, transfers) I'm not going to lie, I SUPER miss Hermana Weeks. She seriously became to be my sister during our 3 months together, and I know that she's going to work MIRACLES during the rest of her mission. She got sent to the middle of Asunción with all the fancy houses, so I teased her a lot that she'll actually have to start wearing make-up again. She was NOT happy about that part, BUT there are 3 supermarkets in her area that sometimes carry American products, so it makes up for it.

My new companion is Hermana Escobar from El Salvador. A Latina who speaks English, yaaayy! She only has 4 months in the mission, so that means I am finally senior companion O.O I know, right? I actually have to make decisions and be responsible! She is such a sweetie, though, with a super power-house testimony and a knack for knowing just what to say and how to explain the doctrine simply and sincerely. Her sense of humor and this cute little giggle that she does actually reminds me A LOT of Noelle. I know I'm going to learn a ton from Hermana Escobar, and we are going to KILL IT here in Ypacaraí!!

In other news, Miguel and Karen invited us to their son Benjamin's first birthday on Saturday. They said that it was going to be a small get together with just friends and family, but I seemed to have forgotten that they are Latinos. When we showed up, there were Ben 10 decorations everywhere, a ton of people with their kids running all around, piles of food, a huge cake, music, EVERYTHING. It. Was. Huge. When I pointed this out to Miguel, all he said was, "Well, we're just a big family is all!" Man, I seriously love this family. We had a lesson again with them last night about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and they are going to pray AGAIN about being baptized. We are praying like crazy for them to recognize their answer.

Bueno, eso es todo por esta semana. Los quiero muchísimo, y ¡espero que tengan una fantástica semana! (Well, that's it for this week. I love you very much, and hope you have a great week!)

Con cariño,
Hermana Jeppesen

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