Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Girl!!!

Dude, cookie dough is genius! Seriously, why didn't we think of that? We just did really crappy car washes and nobody asked us to come back....

So, fun fact: Hermana Weeks told me the other day that her family has been reading my letters on the blog. I totally forgot that you were posting them online and so many people are reading these emails! I hope I haven't written anything too embarrassing...

This weekend was super amazing. I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! It is so incredible to get to listen to a living prophet of God and his apostles. As we teach about what a miracle it is that we even have that kind of organization like the original church that Christ established, I have gained a whole new appreciation for these men and the revelation that they receive. They are how God talks to us and guides his church. Seriously, how cool is that?! Anywho, the talks themselves were absolutely fantastic. Hna Weeks and I received a lot of revelation on how we need to help our investigators, in my case a lot from Elder Scott. Also, I LOVE what Pres. Monson said that we are a temple building and temple attending people. I want to do everything I can to get all the members here to the temple and have those eternal blessings of being sealed to their families! These ordinances are such a miracle, and I want EVERYONE to know and partake! Also, did you just love the talk on what we can learn from our family history (I can't remember the speaker's name from the top of my head)? I think that as a family we have already learned and can learn so much more from the conversion stories of our ancestors. Really, I learned so much more during this conference that I could keep going on and going on. I am so stoked to get the Liahona and go back over all of the talks.

 Birthday fun time: Hna Weeks and I tried making a huge batch of snicker doodles to bring to conference and share with the missionaries to celebrate our birthdays. We had a HUGE bowl of flour, sugar, and butter, and we were getting SUPER excited for the deliciousness of our magical cookies. We started cracking the eggs into the batter one by one, happily stirring and imagining the heavenly taste of sugar and cinnamon, WHEN OUR DREAMS WERE SUDDENLY AND FATALLY SHATTERED. With the crack of one little deceivingly normal egg, a terrible smell reached our nostrils. It was rotten. We frantically tried scooping out as much of the rotten-flesh-smelling substance that we could, but it was too late! We had to throw out the ENTIRE bowl! We just about cried at the incredible waste of so many other ingredients. It wasn't until after the fact that Hna Weeks remembered the wise council of her mother to crack the eggs into a separate bowl before adding them to the rest of the mixture. We both learned a valuable lesson that night: Always listen to Hna Weeks' mom. (I'm sure there is a gospel principle somewhere in this story.)

Other than that, the week was great. We spent the night in Ca'acupe with the sister trainer leaders in their apartment to avoid a few 30-40 minute bus rides back and forth from YpacaraĆ­ and had a great time with them. Oh, and our district had 3 baptisms in between the sessions on Sunday! It was probably one of the only ways that we could have made conference even better.

I love you guys! Thanks so much for the birthday email! My comp and I are going to go celebrate with some ice cream and peanut butter. Please keep praying not just for my comp and me, but more importantly the people here in Paraguay!

With ALL of my love,
Hermana Jeppesen

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