Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy Day!!!

Hey Mom!

Sorry I'm emailing so late today! Hermana Weeks and I had to go into Asunción today for a doctor appointment and we JUST got back into town. You know how you hear those fun stories about the buses in South America literally stuffed full of people all crammed in together? Yup. I got to be in that for over an hour and a half. My knees hurt a little from standing for so long. But the good news is that nothing got stolen out of my backpack! Yay for fun adventures! Also, we took advantage of being in the big city and I finally found a good coat. You should be relieved to know that there is a slight less chance of me dying from the cold this winter.

This week was a little rough. One of our investigators, Delia, passed away from a heart-attack very suddenly. We just saw her on Wednesday to remind her to read the pamphlet we had left her about the Plan of Salvation, and when we passed by her house the very next day, we found out that she had died overnight. It was an incredible shock, but I like to think that Grandma Vicky is talking with her right now in the spirit world and giving her the lessons that we couldn't finish down here. The other bad news is that our favorite investigators, Miguel and Karen Amarilla, decided to stop taking the lessons from us. THAT was a rough lesson. They were struggling a lot with a testimony in the Book of Mormon, especially accepting anything that isn't the Bible, and eventually that's what got them. We are still good friends and we are welcome back whenever we need anything, but we are most definitely still a bit distraught about the whole thing.

Some good things did happen this week, though. Hermana Weeks and I are really trying to focus on the members and helping them go to the temple to be receive their endowments and be sealed. We are now starting to see the fruits of our labors! The Alfonso family, after a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of temple covenants to receive exaltation, have set a firm goal to go to the temple, and we are going to start teaching them the temple prep classes in their home. They are so excited, too! The branch president even made a comment to us last night that Hermano Alfonso seemed so much more motivated and enthusiastic yesterday during church. I can't wait for this family to really grow in their testimonies through the temple!!!

Yesterday we received a very special surprise from the Brazilian family that we eat lunch with every Sunday. We got to their house a little late and thought that it was interesting that two of the members that we're good friends with were there too. As we sat down and started eating, Hermana Souza, the mom, went into the kitchen and brought out a beautiful birthday cake... that was already half-eaten! Apparently she had bought the cake yesterday and then had a surprise visit from a distant friend and let them eat over half of the cake. She made sure to save the part that said "Felicidades, Hermanas," though!

So that's what's up this week. Tomorrow we have interviews with the mission president that we have every 3 months or so. We really don't see him that often, so it should be fun. 
KEEP READING PREACH MY GOSPEL!! It really is an incredible and inspired book. My recommendation is to start with Ch.3, which all about learning the doctrine, but I absolutely LOVE Ch.6. Keep pushing forward, Momma! I love you, and am so glad that YOU are my mom, and such an incredible example and friend to me.

Hermana Jeppesen

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