Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hey momma!

I'm glad that you guys got to have that experience to sing with Dad at the memorial service. You and Dad should definitely sing that song for me when I get back, or at least record it now and show it to me after the mish so that way neither of us forget ;)  Also, did you get a recording of his translation of the bratzli song? Anyway, the importing thing is that I love you guys, and I consider myself very blessed to be a part of this family, especially to be Grandma Vicky's great-granddaughter.

On a somewhat related note, how are Grandma and Grandpa Jeppesen? Please tell them that I say hi and that I'm thinking of them!

In other news: HERMANA WEEKS AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!!! Seriously, we are both so stoked! I have such a good time with my companion, and I am learning so much from her. She has such a strong desire to help the people around her, learn as much as she can from the scriptures, bring the spirit as much as possible into the homes of those we teach, and just be an all around fantastic missionary. On top of that, we have some pretty awesome adventures together.

SPEAKING OF ADVENTURES, we had quite an interesting one this week. Hermana Weeks has had some skin problems (aka, a rash) for the last 3 months now, and it finally got to the point where she called the mission president's wife, Hna Agazzani, to set up an appointment with the doctor. Thursday morning, after our 3 hour weekly planning session, we set off on a 1 1/2 hour colectivo ride to the hospital in Asunción. We met some Elders from the north mission on their way to a zone conference, and then our colectivo got pulled over because they were missing some legal documents and we more or less got a free upgrade to an actually somewhat nice bus. Then Hna Agazzani called to tell us that the appointment got postponed an hour, so once we got to the bus terminal in Asuncion and took a taxi to the hospital, we had an hour to kill and got a super yummy lunch at one of the little lunch places (I don't know if I would use the word "restaurant"...) nearby. Afterwards, OFF to the hospital! I'm so glad I can understand Spanish now, or I would be so completely, utterly lost! But we got through the paperwork and sat outside the doctors office. Hna Weeks turned to me and said "I'm going to be so mad if we went through all this trouble and they just tell me it's a heat rash and put some hydro-cortisone on it." Welp, we went in and talked with the doctors, and it turns out it's a chronic skin infection, so... yay? The dermatologist prescribed a super special cream to put on it, and only two pharmacies in the area make it. So super duper fun times, we set off into the rain (oh yeah, it started raining), and walked, and walked, and walked until we were drenched. After asking several people for directions, a guy from Uruguay finally set us on the right path, and we took a colectivo for another 20 minutes to the center of town. We talked to the pharmacy, and the prescription wouldn't be ready until the NEXT DAY. We just about cried. So we called Hna Agazzani. AGAIN. For the 5th time that day. Turns out we have a zone conference in Asunción on Friday (by the way, found out later that I'm singing a solo for that), and we can go back after the meeting and get Hna Weeks cream. For her skin infection. That she's had for 3 months. After a 30 minute colectivo ride to the bus terminal and a 1 1/2 hour ride back to Ypacaraí, we finished our 8 hour adventure at 9pm, wet, hungry, and tired.

Now we are sitting in a cyber waiting for the internet to come back (it's been out for 15 minutes now) so we can actually send our emails. You might not even get to read this story.

I love my adventures with Hna Weeks. We are going to have an awesome transfer.

Yes, if you send me cake mix I can TOTALLY make a cake!! That would be so awesome! I'll have to share it with my comp since her birthday is the day before. More awesomeness to our companionship. Also, just ask Dani what I told her that I want for my birthday. Make sure she doesn't laugh too hard.

Aziel is not allowed to be that old. Tell him that I forbid it. BUT, if he insists, it would be AWESOME if he got assigned here with me!

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