Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Yes, el Año Nuevo was very loud, but I was so tired that I just slept right through it. Two nights ago, however, was our neighbor's birthday and they BLASTED the music until almost 5am. Needless to say, I was VERY tired the next day...

Yes, there is a siesta hour here. Also, it is pretty rude to interrupt a family when they are eating lunch, kind of how it's rude to interrupt dinner in the US. This makes it really difficult to contact and teach people during the middle of the day. Walking down the street it like a ghost town. This doesn't mean we aren't productive though! We usually find an investigator or a less active to teach. We just need to be patient some days.

Thanks for sharing that thought about Moses with me! Isn't it so cool when you can make those connections and really apply the scriptures to your life? Every scripture study that I have with my companion, we manage to revieve some kind of really great revelation for ourselves and our investigators. I cannot express how much I am really coming to love the scriptures. There is just so much comfort, peace, revelation, doctrine, EVERYTHING. One hour of personal study every morning never feels like enough! There is so much that I still need to learn!!

MILAGROS EXISTEN. We've had a bit of a dry spell for about two months with progressing investigators and baptisms, but guess what? Two of our investigators, Beatriz and Anicris, mother and daughter, finally came to church together yesterday! Anicris finally has come to church enough times to get baptised this Saturday, and her mom is going to get baptised two weeks later. YYAAAAYY!!! It was so great to see how much Beatriz really loved church on Sunday, since it was her first time going, and I could see just how much she really was filled with the Spirit. I am so excited to watch and actually HELP them grow and learn more about the gospel. WOW, I really do love this work, Mom!

We don't have to worry about snowy days, you're right, but we FINALLY got air conditioning in our apartment this morning. I can't believe how much I took that for granted in the US!! Now we only have to suffer from the heat during the day, but we'll be able to sleep at night! ;D

I love you so much, Mom. I really am doing so great out here. I do have days where I really miss you guys, but the more I work the better I feel. I think about how I want to make you proud and it motivates me to work even harder and keep trying. Thank you all for being that wonderful motivation for me.

I love you guys!
Hermana Jeppesen

This is a wheelbarrow that a member turned into a grill. I thought Dad would like it ;)

Hna Lino with our landlady, Blanca;

All of us with Blanca and her daughter, Eli

My comp and I goofing off

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