Monday, December 1, 2014

Thankful for....!!!

Not that I'm stressed out or anything, but this computer is stupid and way too slow, I only have 8 more minutes to write you guys, I want to upload pics to send to you, and I still have to write my mission president..... sooo..........


Monday: Slept, cleaned, organized, etc.
Tuesday: PROSELYTE LIKE A BOSS and stressing out to the max and crying in the street in the middle of a rain storm because no one wants to talk to us and we have to get ready for..........
Wednesday: SURPRISE LEADERSHIP COUNSEL!! Have you guys seen this FREAKING AMAZING initiative that the church is doing? Go visit, and you will understand basically what all my life is about right now. Basically, the Church is loaded, this is God's true church, and he leads it by divine guidance through inspired people.
Thursday: More proselyting like a mad woman because all of our investigators are slipping through our fingers. I made chili. There is no chili powder here, so I just used cumin. It was still delicious.
Friday: SURPRISE ZONE TRAINING!! We got to teach the other missionaries about how amazing this initiative is and how many people we are going to baptise!!
Saturday: Proselyte, find awesome NEW investigators. Helped the elders baptise a family. It was beautiful.
Sunday: Super sad because important investigators didn't come to church, but super happy because a recent convert brought her dad and brother.

I love you guys.

Hermana Jeppesen

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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