Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week Three-All work and no play is not how Julia rolls!

This week went super well! Our district is having a bit of fun pranking, so my companion and I went in to the computer lab one day and changed the desktop of Elder Fogg's computer to a picture I had taken of him fast asleep on the bus. It was a riot when he logged on and saw it!  In return, I was looking through my camera a few days later and noticed that he and some other elders in the district had taken some goofy pictures when I wasn't looking. 
Yesterday Hermana McIntyre and I had to take our passports up to the reception office because our mission was asking for scanned copies of them.  It took a little bit, so we were late to meet up with the rest of the district for our service activity.  By the time we got to the meeting spot, everyone was gone and we had no idea where they went!  We literally walked the ENTIRE complex looking for them, but to no avail.  The good news from this is that I stopped and talked with several workers around the CCM who only knew spanish to ask them if they had seen our group.  I'M GETTING BETTER!  Not much, but at least enough to have a very broken conversation!  We never did find them, but we later found out that they had been taken out to a building way on the other side of the complex where we had NEVER gone before and never would have found if someone didn't show us.  We'll just have to be earlier next time.
Gracias por su testimonio, Mamá.  Yo se que diezmo es muy importante y Dios nos da bendiciones al nosotros seguimos Sus mandamientos.  Yo tengo un testimonio que la Evangelio benidice nuestras vidas. La Expiación es verdadera, y estoy agradacidas por mí Salvador.  Yo se que el Libro de Mormón es las palabras de Dios y un otra testimonio de Jesucristo.  Yo se que yo soy una misionara de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santo de los Últimos Días. Yo amo ustedes!  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amén.
...sorry if that was really terrible español.  I'm still learning.
Lots and lots and lots of love from far away,
Hermana Jeppesen
They do free haircuts at el CCM!

Not only is it P-day, it's ALSO pizza day!!!
Elder Fogg, fast asleep coming home from the temple.

The elders who retaliated.

don't know how well you can see the bruise on the palm of my hand below the thumb, but that's what happens during district volleyball games!  I got and even BIGGER one 3 days later on my wrist.  Apparentley I popped a blood vessel while serving.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture, but it was a nasty bruise!!!!

We got a lecture about obedience and using our time wisely after Elder Tucker drew this during our study time.

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